The Wagon Wheel Event Center is more elegant and comfortable
than a barn venue 
and more casual than an impersonal country club.
It's where friends and family feel at home.
Basic Packages
  • 4 hours in the Bella Room
  • Includes Kitchen
  • Staff setup included
  • Maximum 8 guests for
         table or 12 casual seating
  • Daytime only
  • 4 hours at Wagon Wheel.
  • Kitchen - extra fee
  • Bella Room - extra fee
  • Maximum 25 guests
  • 5 hours at Wagon Wheel
  • Includes kitchen
  • Bella Room -  extra fee
  • Maximum 50 guests
  • 7 hours at Wagon Wheel
  • Includes kitchen
  • Bella Room - extra fee
  • Maximum 100 guests
 Package Price - $50   Package Price - $75  Package Price - $175   Package Price - $550
wedding packages2Note: WW=Wagon Wheel Event Center.  Sales tax has been included in the rates.  Deposits are extra.
Outdoor Ceremony & Restrooms 6hrs Yes Yes Yes Yes
WW Access No  8hrs 10hrs 10hrs 3hrs
Kitchen Extra Yes Yes Yes Extra
Bella Room Extra Extra Yes Yes Extra
WW Rehersal Night 3hrs Extra Yes Yes Yes Extra
Separate dressing areas for Bride and Groom No Yes Yes Yes No
Wagon taxi No 1hr 1hr 2hrs No
Skeet or boat tour Extra Extra Extra Yes 2hrs
Hilltop cabin night Extra Extra Extra Extra Yes
Up to 11 Guests N/A N/A N/A N/A $250
Up to 25 Guests $75 $250 N/A N/A -----
26 - 50 Guests $130 $400 $925 $1,375 -----
51 - 100 Guests N/A $750 $1,425 $2,025 -----
ADD LODGING TO PACKAGE: (includes taxes & cleaning) prices based on 2 guests - Add $10 to loft or hilltop for more than 2 guests. Extra person fee after 5 guests at loft. Prices are per night. cozy cabin $50 Loft or Hilltop Cabin $65 Annie's Place $50 RV site: $20
FREE ADDITIONS with buildng rental:
*Free games such as corn hole, volleyball or badminton, horse shoes board games,& playground.
*Free parking & access to site for decorating with staff person on hand to meet vendors & deliveries.
*Free use of outdoor wedding sites without chairs: 1)Arbor by the gold fish pond or 2) the columns at Mountain View site (coming soon). Free use of chairs & tables with building rental.
* With kitchen - free use of dishes and serving ware - freezer, refrigerator, & icemakers, oven & dishwasher.
*Free use of our décor to decorate or bring your own for the outdoor sites.
*Free use of our music CDs, sound system, and microphone. Large screen & DVD player available.
*Pet friendly environment that includes a fenced doggy park with shelter or make your pet part of the event. All facilities – including boat tour and lodging- are pet friendly.
*Use of grounds & wagon for several different photo opportunities.

If you would like to request more information about hosting your event, please fill out the form below.